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Founder - Amari Consulting Limited

My name is Abigail Bundi. I am e-commerce consultant with a keen interest in governance and technological advancements in trade and development and its socio-economic impact on communities.

At heart, I am an entrepreneur. I find fulfillment in helping people to start and grow their businesses and I am fascinated by the power of technology in facilitating this.

I’m currently pursuing my Postgraduate Masters Program in Digital Business at the University of Salford, Robert Kennedy College. I have started this blog as a requirement for one of my assignments in my second module – Information Systems and Digital Transformation (#ISaDT). I’m glad this was a requirement though as I have always wanted to start a blog. So here we go….

I hope to keep it alive post the assignment (fingers crossed!).

Here, you will find information and my thoughts on Governance, Entrepreneurship, Trade and Technology in Africa.

Welcome on board!

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